Hellespont (hellespont) wrote,

April Rules!

It's my babies' birthday today! Luckeeda Jane has turned 17, and her big sister Zebediah Mabel (who is purring on my lap as I write this) is the big 18. My kitty cat's legal, yo! I tried asking her what she wanted to do first, vote, buy a lottery ticket, or watch a skin flick, but she was too busy enjoying her birthday steak. And toast. Baby girl loves her toast.

In other news, I went to the stereotype-defyingly sedate St. Patrick's Day Parade here in Toronto, and met Zanta, a city institution. Claire had told me about him, but I wasn't sure he was real until he offered to let me feel his biceps. Like rocks, I tell you. His back story is, apparently, that he feels he was unjustly denied custody of his daughter, and began doing pushups in subway stations to get her back. So far the courts haven't been impressed. He also has a vendetta against CityTV because they banned him from their premises.

Just two weeks left of class, one more essay, and a couple exams, and then I am finished my undergraduate degree. Woo...hoo? I think I'm pretty excited, but I've heard it's a big scary world out there. My original plan to go for my Ph.D and become a professor has been crushed under the realization that every essay I write kills a little bit of my soul. Now I'm planning on going to teacher's college to teach high school history - it's all about being on the other end of the marking pen. It's also been influenced by how much I'm enjoying the volunteering at the high school I've been doing to plump up my resume - I'll probably post more about that later. I may still go for my Master's degree next year, depending on if I even get into grad school for it.

Been seeing a lot of movies lately. The Hills Have Eyes, V For Vendetta and the best of the lot just tonight, Slither. All you Firefly fans, if you weren't going to see it just for Nathan Fillion, then see it because he's basically playing Mal all over even, if the good captain was a small-town sheriff and allowed to swear in English.
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