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December 26th, 2006

10:31 pm - Look, Ma, I Didn't Die!
Well! It's been a while, eh? Five months since an update, and although I've still been reading my friendslist, I've been shamefully negligent in commenting. Plus, I think a bunch of new people friended me and I ignored them. Sorry, y'all. Have a cupcake on me.

There isn't too much brand new or dramatic in my life right now, which means my hiatus was probably just born of apathy exacerbated by stubbornness. I moved, and now live in a lovely little superterranean apartment with two friends, old roommate Ana and new roommate Emily. We had a Christmas party earlier in the month, with turkey and decorations and a gift exchange and mashed sugared yams that we ended up donating to the homeless. I'm home now in Burlington for the holidays with my mom, dad, and brother (my sister elected to go straight from her teaching job in Martinique to surfing with friends in Mexico instead of seeing her family. But I'm not bitter. All the more kidneys and bone marrow for me, eh?). The animals are doing fine and little feral Annie is ever-so-slightly calmer, but poor little Zebediah Mabel is beginning to show her age (18.5 years). She had conjunctivitis this fall, but that's cleared up now.

On the school front, I'm halfway through my one-year master's degree, provided I don't screw up too spectacularly. I'm taking courses in Old Egyptian texts and religious and funerary texts, and finished a half-course in Egyptian archaeology. Yep, I had to switch from Assyriology, since they weren't offering enough courses in it. Shame, that - I always wanted to learn Akkadian, but hieroglyphics is pretty damn cool and a lot prettier to look at. To fulfill my teaching prerequisites, I'm also taking two undergraduate anthropology courses so I can have a chance at being accepted to teachers' college this fall. Applications went in at the beginning of December, and I'm fairly confident I'll be accepted, but won't find out til April.

I continue to bemoan my single state, but have had three very enjoyable outings with a really pretty tattoo artist who owns naked mole rats. Haven't heard back from her in a little while, though. There's a bit more to go over re: me in general, but that can wait for another entry.

*waves at everyone*

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July 21st, 2006

08:45 pm - I work hard for my money so you'd better treat me right. And now I have a Dairy Queen craving.
Woo, long time, no update! I finished work at the telemongering job - my last week was actually really stellar. I had a miserable cold and phlegm problem but all the foreign microbes seemed to be making me smarter, stronger, and more competent (just like that Futurama episode) because I sold enough newspaper subscriptions to get myself into the third level of bonus pay, and an open invitation to come back to the job. Rock. I also had some interesting interactions with co-workers - one girl who said she liked the way I dressed because it "denotes simplicity" and a woman in the lunchroom who started in on how we were in the End Times, the deceitful work of Satan was everywhere, and we'd all be doomed if we didn't believe in Jesus. I commented that I thought everyone would have to work things out for themselves, and she replied with "Yes, that's very true. I'm sorry if I was rambling on there. If I ever talk too much about that kind of stuff, just let me know." Whoever heard of such a well-adjusted Doomsday prophet?

I also got my first and only "Fuck you" from a prospect who then immediately hung up the phone, but it hold not even the suggestion of a candle to the following recording. I think the woman here is some kind of personification of pure rage, and I feel bad for laughing at someone with such obviously serious issues, but Oh. My. Fucking. God. Just wait for the part when she starts talking about hernias.


My new job for the last two weeks has been teaching ESL at the summer camp, and although I'm glad of the short hours and valuable non-porn store experience on my resume, the stress level makes me long for the relative peace of the call centre. The kids are wild. Instead of me and 20 12-15 year-olds like I'd been told, there's me, another teacher, and about 40 9-20 year-olds, of wildly varying English abilities. They range from almost fluent to not understanding anything other than "Brad Pitt" and maybe "X-Box."

These kids are extremely rich, extremely undisciplined, and shepherded by a small crew of grossly underpaid teenage chaperones who basically let them do whatever they want. Our field trip to the zoo was an organizational abortion. For starters, most of the kids didn't even want to go. They had a better zoo in Mexico, they said. They'd rather go shopping, they said. I have never in my life seen a group of kids bored at the zoo. They were slumped in apathetic little clusters, munching bags of chips while the FREAKING AFRICAN ELEPHANTS gallivated right behind them. And because they were uninterested in the animals, they preferred to just wander off rather than take a tour; trying to keep them together was like herding cats. Blind, deaf, intoxicated cats. One chaperone bowed out after ten minutes and just parked her ass at the entrance of the zoo waiting for the day to be over. After about an hour of me being the only one who seemed to care if somebody got eaten by a hippopotamus, I too gave up. I think they all got back to their homestay eventually.

Since the update has been largely me bitching, I might as well conclude it in like form: it's not yet nine pm on a Friday in the biggest city in the country. I'm young, single, and have a bit of cash in my pocket. And I'm already in my pyjamas, flicking from one website to another, hoping maybe my sister will call from B.C., which will probably have to be the highlight of my weekend. I'm as bored as a wealthy Mexican schoolgirl, it seems.

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July 4th, 2006

09:21 pm - Can you catch my germs over the internet? Read and find out!

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to mewing.net. not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

Heheh. Memes. Anyway, I'm hackling and wheezling with a head cold, but pity me not! Things have been going very well lately. I'm still telemarketing, a job that scales the heights and plumbs the depths of human emotion, all depending on whether or not I'm lucky enough to dial a person who A) reads English, and B) wants to. Today I more than tripled my quota, some days I don't sell anything at all. The most amusing part has been the last names that come up on the auto-dialer - so far, Dookie, Poon, Hick, Hussey, Higginbottom and my personal favourite, Dingus.

But I shall soon leave this den of commercialism for some hallowed halls of learning, as I've been hired as an instructor for an ESL summer program, to teach English to 20 Mexican teenagers and show them the sights of Toronto (with the help of chaperones, to make sure nobody runs off and pierces anything - a major fear on all my class trips). I'm really looking forward to this as it is experience I badly need for my application to teachers' college.

Graduation happened! My parents were proud of me, they brought me flowers, I looked pretty rockin' in my dress, there were little sandwiches and some kind of pate at the reception - all in all a good showing.

My first Toronto Pride happened! I went to the Dyke March with Claire on Saturday, and we had a great time taking in all the lovely ladies, followed by some spoken word artists and confusing lesbian performance art (is there any other kind?) at Buddies in Bad Times. Plus there was the Gay Geek Group which was lovely to see, and a woman with a sign reading "Willow and Tara Forever!" All they needed was a Xena impersonator to really complete the ensemble, and perhaps next year I shall offer my services? The next day was Pride proper, and I went with my mom. I especially liked the Jewish queer women's group with the sign "Eat Me, I'm Kosher", the drag king in a wheelchair whose shirt read "My other legs are a Cadillac", Jack Layton and Olivia Chow on a bicycle built for two, and the men in wedding dresses on stilts. Especially heartwarming were the two Mounties in full dress uniform with a sign that read on one side, "Just Married" and one the other "The Mounties Always Get Their Man".

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June 13th, 2006

09:03 pm - My Own Private Ithaca
Hello, native shores, I'm back! The trip was fantastic, it's great to be home, but this entry isn't going to be about Greek stuff as I intend to do a more thorough account of that when I have access to the vacation pictures. My summer in Toronto has officially kicked off with my being hired for my summer job. After serving as a footsoldier in Big Oil's war against the planet, and time spent slinging smut for the sex industry, I have now decided to complete the trifecta of evil and become...a telemarketer. First shift starts on Thursday and apparently I have a day and a half to sell someone, anyone, a newspaper subscription, or I'm sent packing. Please, if I call your house, have a heart and fork over the credit card. I don't want to work in a Toronto porn store. They'll make me clean the viewing booths.

In other news, I've been revisiting my salad days as both a fledgling fangirl and a baby-dyke by watching the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess on DVD. Man, did they have a crappy costume/set budget. I also saw The Da Vinci Code, which has about as many gaping plot holes, albeit not *quite* as much thinly veiled homoeroticism. It's still there, though, enough to create in me a fervent fangirl love for Silas, everyone's favourite self-flagellating, Latin-speaking, robe-rocking, gun-toting, melanin-not-having, nun-whacking, keen-on-Jesus psycho monk. Perhaps because he reminds me of a young me. Minus the Latin, guns, sororicide, and plus some pigment, of course. But where is all the Silas slash? Chop, chop, internet!

Emily's birthday party was duly celebrated, with Jenga, malted beverages, a trip to a goth club, and, for me, a disastrous attempt to flirt with a hot pool player. He literally ran from me. Today I went to the zoo with my parents; we saw one tapir, two caracals, three giraffes, four orang-utans, and a whole mess of meerkats. Then my mom and I went to some Trinity College graduation functions; I received a small academic award and we both ate strawberry tarts at the reception. My mom was knocking back the champagne like it was Kool-Aid, but I have yet to acquire the taste. Tomorrow, Convocation! Robes, Latin (no Silas), and the end of my undergraduate career.

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May 20th, 2006

03:22 pm - Live, from Iraklio, capital of Crete!
Kalispera (Good afternoon), everybody! I'm in an internet cafe surrounded by 15-year old Greek boys playing Warcraft while "Lady Marmalade" is on the radio (before that was "My Hump" by the Black Eyed Peas.) We just got into town from seeing the ruins of the ancient Minoan palace at Knossos. I will post more about all the sights (and sites) with pictures when I get back. There are stray cats everywhere, mostly looking pretty well-fed and healthy. They beg for treats at the open-air cafes, and what could I do but oblige? They also surround the plentiful fish markets, at which I saw a box of fresh eels. At the butchers' shops they have sheep's eyes and rabbits still wearing their fluffy tails.

Greece is magnificently beautiful. On Thursday my mom and I walked through the Samaria Gorge, an 18km hike, which is possibly more than I'd walk in a week at home. We're still very sore, but it was worth it. At the end, I swam naked in the Mediterranean sea. I've been living off tyropita (flaky cheese pies) which are the equivalent of hot dogs - cheap, tasty, and ubiquitous. I've learned a few Greek words, which many people seem quite suprised to hear from me - like a dog is talking, or something. I can read all the names on the statues and streets signs too, but my first-year ancient Greek course isn't getting me too much further.

As yet, I have enountered no nymphs and/or satyrs, but am keeping my eyes peeled. Can't wait to see you all again!

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May 13th, 2006

11:42 pm - Greece, as always, is the word
This entry must be short and sweet, for I am off to Greece with my mother in the morning! OMGWTFBBQ!1! This is the trip I've been wanting since I was knee-high to a hydra (what? I was tall when I was a kid, too) and I'm so grateful to be going on it. I probably won't have a chance to get on the internet while I'm there, so no one do or say anything too exciting, okay? Just remain in a gentle stasis til I return, bearing tales and trinkets and maybe a prophecy from Delphi.

My birthday was wonderfully celebrated at the Pickle Barrel with my mom, Claire, Ana, and Emily, and then again at home with my family. I received thoughtful and charming gifts, including a beautiful girly music/jewelry box with a dancing fairy inside. It is the long-awaited replacement for the frilly, lacy, beaded pink music box I had when I was five; iinside it had a little plastic ballerina wearing a tiny tutu. Then our dear young calico Zebby started getting her big-girl teeth, and began chewing on everything. First she ate the tutu. Then she came back for the ballerina. Ate her right down to the plastic toe-shoes.

As for school, I wrote my last exams and essays some time ago, and all that remains for my undergraduate career is the graduation ceremony when I get home in June. I was accepted to graduate school, and my doubts about my desire to go there were mostly quelled by the receipt of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for a one-year Master's Degree. It doesn't pay for the whole tuition, but most of it, and I didn't want to look such a gift-horse in the mouth, no matter how filled with sharp, pointy, academically intimidating teeth that mouth might be.

It would seem this update is ridiculously full of good things in my life. I should watch out for the scourge of hubris and its attendant divine retribution, especially where I'm going. If I come home with no eyes and a galimony suit from my mother, you'll all know what's gone wrong.

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April 18th, 2006

12:03 am - Catch, Twenty-Two!
It's my birthday today. 22 years of cheating death, and counting! Take that, mortality! It's also apparently Lucrezia Borgia's birthday, the 100-year anniversary of the great San Francisco fire. An auspicious date all 'round.

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April 7th, 2006

12:00 am - You can dance if you want to
Hello, all! Spring has arrived and none too soon - the landlord turned the heat off again and its been mighty cold at night. But I've been seeing so many robins bob-bob-bobbing along. Big redbreasted fat ones, and croci too. So, who wants to take advantage of it and do something this weekend?

The anti-choice protestors were back on campus today, so I spent some time handing out pro-choice fliers and info. People were quite receptive. Yesterday was a fun day - I met my dad and brother downtown for dinner out before they went to a Blue Jays game, and then I browsed around Yonge Street, buying a wicked-cool Sheila-na-Gig pendant for only 5 bucks, and finding my mom a Rolf Harris CD for her birthday. Which was kind of in January. It's taken me this long to find a CD; apparently vintage Australian folk singers are not the hot commodity I had previously believed. Today, I got a lovely red, blue and yellow cotton print skirt for only a dollar here in Kensington - I'm going to need it to cover my shame in the Orthodox churches and such in Greece.

My volunteering is going well - since last fall, I've been going in to a local vocational girls' school to help out in the special ed math and science classes once a week. The students are working on pretty basic stuff -learning to make change from different amounts of money, and the names of the planets and so forth, but they tend to need a lot of individual attention, so I help them out. It's mostly pretty fun; once the teacher had to leave and I even got to teach the class. Also cute: when I was there last, one of the girls was joking and pretending to be invisible, and I said, "Well, if you're invisible, how come I know you're wearing...hmm, let's see...a red shirt, a black skirt and a black scarf?" And she laughed and said "Because you have a good heart!" *g*

What's new about what's old: apparently a Coptic text containing The Gospel of Judas has been translated. It's not a contemporary source, dating about 300 CE but according to an earlier writer seems to have existed as early as 180 CE. I'm surprised this isn't bigger news, like that ossuary purported to have belonged to "James, the brother of Jesus", which I still wish I'd gone to see at the ROM before it was exposed as a forgery.

Finally, my first official squee about my new fandom, Supernatural, a spooky drama about two ghost-hunting brothers, lackluster in storylines but brimming with lovely angst and slashiness. Tonight's episode was like a dozen good fanfics come to life. SQUEE!

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April 1st, 2006

10:43 pm - April Rules!
It's my babies' birthday today! Luckeeda Jane has turned 17, and her big sister Zebediah Mabel (who is purring on my lap as I write this) is the big 18. My kitty cat's legal, yo! I tried asking her what she wanted to do first, vote, buy a lottery ticket, or watch a skin flick, but she was too busy enjoying her birthday steak. And toast. Baby girl loves her toast.

In other news, I went to the stereotype-defyingly sedate St. Patrick's Day Parade here in Toronto, and met Zanta, a city institution. Claire had told me about him, but I wasn't sure he was real until he offered to let me feel his biceps. Like rocks, I tell you. His back story is, apparently, that he feels he was unjustly denied custody of his daughter, and began doing pushups in subway stations to get her back. So far the courts haven't been impressed. He also has a vendetta against CityTV because they banned him from their premises.

Just two weeks left of class, one more essay, and a couple exams, and then I am finished my undergraduate degree. Woo...hoo? I think I'm pretty excited, but I've heard it's a big scary world out there. My original plan to go for my Ph.D and become a professor has been crushed under the realization that every essay I write kills a little bit of my soul. Now I'm planning on going to teacher's college to teach high school history - it's all about being on the other end of the marking pen. It's also been influenced by how much I'm enjoying the volunteering at the high school I've been doing to plump up my resume - I'll probably post more about that later. I may still go for my Master's degree next year, depending on if I even get into grad school for it.

Been seeing a lot of movies lately. The Hills Have Eyes, V For Vendetta and the best of the lot just tonight, Slither. All you Firefly fans, if you weren't going to see it just for Nathan Fillion, then see it because he's basically playing Mal all over even, if the good captain was a small-town sheriff and allowed to swear in English.

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March 8th, 2006

03:57 pm - Lovely Smarch weather
Ahoy and avast. It's the middle of essay season, but I seem to be holding my own. Got my Egyptian religion midterm test and my Mesopotamian history midterm assignment back; both in the 90s, so I'm happy there. In Baltic folklore we read a Lithuanian folktale about Jesus Christ handing out cigarettes at a funeral, and tasted some really awful Estonian chocolate made from lentils. It's what I imagine the chocolate rations in 1984 would be like. Victory Slab, or something.

Speaking of conflicts of ideology, there's a Googlebombing afoot. The hilarious ladies over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels (one of my favourite sites, incidentally; check out their romance novel cover reviews!) are busy making Republican Senator Bill Napoli into the next Rick Santorum. Please be warned that the link to Napoli's name contains potentially upsetting language regarding rape (and the Santorum one is just plain gross). Why would I link to such a thing? Because he's an evil little fucker who deserves his name dragged through the mud (the article itself is mind-boggling, but Napoli's bloviation is about two-thirds down the page. So, link, spread, mock, and if you're in the U.S., vote like hell! I do feel sorry for the Italian city Napoli (aka Naples); if they ever get wind of this, perhaps they can contact the good senator to ask for their name back?

And part two in things I love about the internet, an interviewing meme! Comment on this entry with "interview me!" and I'll ask you 5 questions, then make your own entry and answer them and ask other to be the interviewees.

Five Questions From AnaCollapse )


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This is an ongoing meme, so feel free to keep me in the hot seat!

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